Greenscape Energy are installers of Air Source Heat Pumps in Essex with installations in Danbury, Manningtree, Mersea, Witham, and Wivenhoe.

As an Approved Air Source Heat Pump installer for Essex, Greenscape are a company you can trust with your heating installation. Our customers in Essex will attest to this because of our high quality and professional service.

Earn up to £11,500

Earn up to £1,650 with the Renewable Heat Incentive each year

30-50% Savings

Every kW of electricity is converted to 3kW of heat.

Upgraded heating system

Control Your Heating From Your Phone

Air Source Heat Pumps Installations In Essex

Greenscape Energy are an Air Source Heat Pump Installer that operates all over East Anglia.

Air Source Heat Pumps are the modern, renewable way to heat your property! Many benefits are included, one such being the RHI from OFGEM that comes with an installation by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited installer such as ourselves.

We always conduct an in-depth free heat loss survey to determine the precise heat pump size you will need for your Essex property. We have many exceptional installs in the county that we will happily provide references for if needed.

Air Source Heat Pump Cost

The total for an air source heat pump depends on the outcome of your free energy survey as every property is different.

To work out the price of your heat pump we will need to conduct a heat loss survey to calculate the heat demand of your property, this also includes us looking at the level of insulation and the existing radiators present in your home.

After this survey is completed we can then design your proposal at the showroom. This will indicate the total amount for supply and install, an estimate on how much you will receive from the government funding and detail savings that can be made compared to your existing heating system.