5 Ways Solar Panels Can Help You Sell Your House

27 May 2024

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5 Ways Solar Panels Can Help You Sell Your House


The UK has consistently been at the forefront of adopting new technology, and the solar panel industry is no exception. Since the solar boom of 2011, which saw an impressive 219,996 installations in just one year, our nation has relentlessly increased its solar production. Today, over 1.3 million UK homes have solar panel systems.

But what does this mean for the housing market, and more importantly, your home?


Property Value

As we step into the future, renewable energy is becoming increasingly important to home  buyers. This change is reflected in the ever-increasing value that solar innovation brings to the housing market. According to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, solar panels can boost the value of your home by an impressive 14%.


Energy Performance Rating

Houses with a good Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating are particularly appealing to buyers. The EPC rating measures how energy efficient your house is, graded from A (best) to G (worst), and is mandatory when selling your house. This rating is crucial amongst potential buyers, with 67% considering the EPC rating when purchasing a home.

To increase your EPC rating, government recommendations suggest installing measures such as solar panels.


Environmental Awareness

Buyers are increasingly adopting sustainable lifestyles, making green switches to reduce their impact on the Earth. In fact, one in ten plan to install solar panels or replace their boilers with heat pumps in the next year. This growing trend highlights a significant market that will find considerable value in properties fitted with solar panels.

As environmental consciousness rises, homes with sustainable features like solar panels are likely to become even more desirable, reflecting the broader shift towards eco-friendly living.


Bringing Your Property Into The Future

Technologically forward houses are making an impact in the UK housing market. With 35% of people having a preference for homes fully equipped with technology, and more than a third wanting to move into a house with smart technology.

Tech-savvy buyers are particularly drawn to the idea of a ‘Smart Home,’ and solar panels are a fantastic addition to this trend. The integration of solar panels with smart home systems, such as energy management apps like the Tesla app appeals to these buyers.


Easy Selling

We’ve gone over some of the key benefits when selling a house with solar panels, but what about the transfer of ownership?

At Greenscape Energy, we know how stressful moving house can be. So much in fact, that it is considered the most stressful life event by 57%. That’s why we have made it our priority to ensure that transferring solar panel ownership is as seamless as possible. This ease of transfer can make your property more attractive, as potential buyers see it as a hassle-free, value-adding feature.


The Future is Bright with Solar Energy

The adoption of solar panels in the UK signifies a significant step towards a greener future, providing homeowners with advantages like higher Energy Performance Ratings, increased buyer appeal, and added property value. As environmental awareness continues to grow, the demand for sustainable living is on the rise, positioning solar-fitted homes as highly desirable.

At Greenscape Energy, we are committed to ensuring a seamless transition to solar energy, enhancing your home’s value while moving towards a sustainable future. Embrace solar energy today and watch your home’s marketability and value soar, making it easier than ever to sell your property when the time comes.