Battery FAQS

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Battery FAQs.

Will a solar battery work with my existing panels?

Yes, we can install battery storage alongside a system that we have not installed. This is classed as a retrofit installation. We can give you a price for a system size but will need to conduct a site survey to make sure your system is compatible with the battery storage you have chosen. Since February 2024, you can enjoy the benefits of 0% VAT on all retrofit battery installations.

What is Depth of Discharge?

The depth of discharge is expressed as a percentage and is the rate that a fully charged battery can be used before it has to be recharged again.

For example, the lithium ion batteries we install have a maximum depth of discharge of 80 %. This means that the batteries can be used until they reach 20 % charge, and then will not discharge any more power during this cycle.

Once the battery has reached down to 20%, it will then start to charge back up to 100 %.

The depth of discharge is set to 80 % as this helps preserve the lifespan and health of the batteries installed.

Can I have more than one solar battery?

Yes, you can have more than one battery installed. Our team will recommend the best suited size to your home or businesses energy demands. You can also have additional batteries installed, if you find the size you currently have is not meeting your needs.

How long do solar batteries last?

Battery storage lasts well over 10 years, their lifespan is the total number of battery cycles they can complete. Generally, one cycle is completed once a fully charged battery is discharged.

Like your phones, laptops and cars batteries can only be discharged and charged a certain number of times. The batteries we install require little to no maintenance.

Do I have to have batteries installed?

No! Whether you have a battery installed is completely up to you, we will just present all the facts and figures for you to make an informed decision.

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