Battery storage for homes

Your average homes energy demand is at its highest in the morning and evening, whereas your solar generation is at its highest during the day.

Battery storage is great way to continue saving money on your energy bills and reducing your dependence on the national grid, not to mention avoiding the peak times where grid electricity is at its most expensive.

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How much does battery storage cost?

The installation cost of battery storage varies depending on the size, brand, and model of battery storage system, as well as the budget that you have available.

If you are not sure which size or brand suits your energy needs! Our surveyors will look at your energy consumption and can recommend a size best suited to you.

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Is it better to have a battery alongside a solar installation?

Having a battery installed alongside your solar panel installation is generally more cost effective as it enables you to pay the 0 % VAT rate.

But of course, whether you have a battery installed will also depend on your budget and energy needs within your home. Our team can help advise you further.

01. What battery type is the best for my home?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a battery storage system, such as size, cost, and technology. Homeowners should also consider their local energy regulations and installation requirements, which we will check for you. By selecting the right system, you can ensure you are making the most of your solar energy and reducing your reliance on grid energy.

02. Why should I install battery storage alongside my system?

It’s simple. Further savings. This way, you can benefit from the 0% VAT rate installation price. You can also benefit from the free energy generated by your solar panels and reduce your reliance on the grid. Additionally, battery storage can help you reduce your electricity bills by avoiding peak energy rates and storing energy during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.

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