Tariffs and funding for solar panels

Unlocking the potential of solar energy for your home or business is not only a wise environmental choice but also a financially savvy one. At Greenscape, we believe in making solar solutions accessible, and understanding the various tariffs and funding options is key to making this green transition seamless.

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What tariffs are available?

To replace the Feed in Tariff, in 2020 the government introduced the Smart Export Guarantee, also known as the Export Tariff, which is designed to offer more flexibility and competitive rates, reflecting the evolving nature of the energy market.

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Important information about tariffs and funding:

01. Can I Apply for the Export Tariff?

To apply for the Smart Export Guarantee, you must install compliant renewable energy technology and provide your chosen energy company the following:

  • A smart meter or half-hourly export meter reading
  • Your MCS certificate
  • Proof of ownership
  • The energy supplier’s application form

Once submitted you should expect your energy supplier to process your application within 28 days.

02. What Energy Supplier Can I Use?

We suggest looking around for the best rates, you do not have to go with the energy supplier that you are currently using for your household bills.

03. Do I Need a Smart Meter?

Yes, you will need to have a smart meter installed in your home to be able to claim the Export Tariff, as this is the only way for your energy provider to know how much electricity you are exporting back to the grid.

04. Will I Need to Pay for a Smart Meter?

There will be no cost involved for having a smart meter fitted, all energy providers are required by law to install one for you if you have requested one.

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