Investing in solar is investing in the future

By Josh Young | CEO of Greenscape Energy

It seems like there’s an endless supply of resources out there – books, podcasts, articles, you name it – all promising to hand over the secret recipe for business success.

But let’s be real: there’s no magic saying or one-liner that’s going to catapult you to the top.

Instead, it’s about establishing core values, encouraging innovation and building relationships to last.


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The Forecast Is Sunny

As we look to the future, we remain committed to our core principles. We believe that through collective effort and strong partnerships, we can continue to
navigate industry challenges and contribute to a sustainable future.

Our experience underscores an essential lesson: success in the solar energy sector is predicated not solely on technological innovation but on the strength of human relationships, collaborations, and a shared commitment to creating a better world.

A Shared Journey

Our journey at Greenscape began in 2012, with the vision to enhance energy security in the aftermath of the 2008 recession.

For me, diving into the solar industry felt like stepping into an arena where the pace never slows, and the competition is fierce. I’ve had a front row seat to the rise and fall of many competitors, witnessing first-hand the unpredictability of this field. However, Greenscape’s commitment to creating strong connections within the community and across the globe laid the foundation for us to
become a major player in East Anglia’s renewable energy sector.

Initially, our team was small, but we now have more than 140 employees and we’re still growing – driven by ambition and our shared vision. Our collaborative
spirit has been essential in navigating the everchanging world of the solar market.

We’ve always believed that new ideas and passion encourage
innovation and adaptability, and this attitude is essential in an industry known for rapid technical and regulatory changes.


Central to our strategy, we have been focusing on long-term partnerships over short-term gains. Greenscape has always put a firm focus on working closely with our customers and clients, and these relationships have provided us with both business stability and a wealth of valuable insights, allowing us to anticipate and adapt to market trends.

The success of this collaborative, bespoke approach has been evidenced by the continuous stream of referrals and effective word-of-mouth marketing, contributing to our 16,000 installations and counting.

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