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Greenscape Energy prides itself in offering the best renewable energy solutions in Norwich. Harness solar energy, PV batteries, or electric vehicle chargers to revolutionise your home or business. For reliable solar PV installers in Norwich, your search ends here!

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Solar Panels in Norwich

Join over 1,179 homeowners in Norwich who are already using green energy solutions like Solar PV and start saving money while taking advantage of green energy schemes.

As specialists in green energy, focusing on setting up solar panels in Norwich we also have other eco-friendly options like battery storage, and Tesla Powerwalls.

Since March 2012, we’ve led the charge in green energy and our expert team can guide you through the process, finding the best solar panel system for your needs. Adding solar panels could cut your energy bills by more than half. We also offer advice on the latest energy tariffs and funding support available.

If you live in Norwich and want to live more sustainably whilst also saving money, call our team for a free survey of your house or business on 01473 354471. We’re here to help you switch to solar power in Norwich.

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Customer Stories

A brighter future: our customer’s solar story

Watch our customer’s stories to see how they have benefited from solar panel installations on their homes.

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Solar Batteries in Norwich

With energy costs continuously rising, exploring alternative money savings methods is essential for households and businesses. Battery storage is an excellent solution to optimise your solar panel system or capitalise on discounted energy rates during off-peak periods.

During daylight hours, solar panels generate electricity, reducing reliance on your energy supplier. Sending unused electricity back to the grid can produce savings, but battery storage offers a more intelligent approach. Storing excess electricity for later use, particularly during peak hours such as evenings when electricity demand surges, can save you money.

Utilising battery storage not only reduces your energy bills but also promotes efficient energy consumption. By incorporating battery storage into your home or business, you can achieve a greener lifestyle in Norwich.

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