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Solar FAQs.

Do I need planning permission for Solar Panels?

Under normal circumstances, solar panels installed on your home do not need planning permission, as they come under permitted development rights. If you live in a listed building, in a conservation area, or area of outstanding natural beauty then you should check with your local planning department first. Solar panels mounted on the ground will, generally need planning permission.

Your Greenscape Energy surveyor will be able to answer your questions about planning permission when they come to visit.

Can solar PV panels be installed onto asbestos roofs?

Asbestos roofs can be used for solar PV panel installations. However, we must ensure that the roof is in a suitable condition to be able to install on. We will bring in licensed asbestos specialists to help with the installation where required.

Do I need to maintain my solar panels?

Typically, solar panels have very few moving parts, so they do not require much maintenance.

The inverter installed usually in your loft, or garage will communicate with your system and will soon alert you via the monitoring software if there are any events that you need to be made aware of.

Solar panels can get dirty over time so you may want to have them cleaned if they are looking a little grubby.

Will my solar PV system still work in a power cut?

Generally, the answer to this is no.

To ensure the safety of network engineers that may be working on the electricity network, solar systems will shut down during a power cut and start back up again as soon as the power comes back on.

In some instances, where we install batteries to your system it may be possible to have emergency power supply installed. Or there may be alternative battery systems to chose from that you can have installed.

Speak to your Greenscape Energy surveyor for more information about emergency power, or alternative battery systems.

My roof doesn’t face South, can I still have solar PV panels?

Whilst solar panels do typically face towards south, in the UK, they can still offer many benefits if installed on east or west facing roofs.

Solar panels on east and west roofs will peak at different times of the day and can sometimes provide additional benefits over South facing systems.

Our technical surveyors will be able to guide you through the pros and cons of each roof space, when visiting your property.

Are there any grants for Solar PV panels?

There are no longer any grants for domestic solar panel installations.

Your installation may be eligible for the Smart Export Guarantee (The Export Tariff). This allows energy suppliers to pay you for any energy that you export back to the grid from what your system generates and is not used by the appliances in your home.

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