UK’s 0% VAT on Retrofit Battery Storage:
A Boost for Green Energy

The UK government’s recent move to introduce a 0% VAT rate on retrofit battery storage marks a significant step towards promoting renewable energy. This policy aims to make green energy solutions more accessible and affordable, encouraging homeowners and businesses to invest in renewable energy storage.

Energising Green Transition

  • Lower Costs: Eliminating VAT on battery storage systems reduces the financial barrier for adopting green energy technologies.
  • Sustainable Living: This initiative supports the UK’s carbon reduction goals by facilitating a shift to renewable energy, reducing the nation’s carbon footprint.

The 0% VAT rate on retrofit battery storage is a bold measure by the UK to foster a greener future. By making renewable energy storage more financially viable, the UK is paving the way for a sustainable energy landscape, reinforcing its commitment to combating climate change and promoting economic growth within the green technology sector.

Homeowners and businesses should consult with energy experts like us to explore the most suitable options.


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