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Home Usage Home Size Description
(As per Ofgem)
Energy Usage Estimate
(As per Ofgem) *1
Installation Description Cost of Installation
Cost of Maintenance
kWh Generated per annum
*4 *5
Low Usage Flat or 1-bedroom house;
1 to 2 people
1,800 kWh
(29p/kWh – £522)
5 x 430w panels;
South facing roof
£4499 £340 per year 2,070 kWh per year
(29p/kWh – £600.30)
Medium Usage 2-3 bedroom house;
2 to 3 people
2,700 kWh
(29p/kWh – £783)
7 x 430w panels;
South facing roof
£4989 £372 per year 2,898 kWh per year
(29p/kWh – £840.42)
High Usage 4+ bedroom home;
4 to 5 people
4,100 kWh
(29p/kWh – £1189)
10 x 430w panels;
South facing roof
£5724 £420 per year 4,140 kWh per year
(29p/kWh – £1200.60)

*1 These figures are examples of average energy usage. Your bill may be higher or lower depending on how much energy your household uses. A benchmark figure of £0.29 p/kWh has been used to calculate amounts, the actual amount will vary depending on your agreed tariff with your energy supplier.

*2 Installation costs are taken from our current quote tool and correct at time of sending.

*3 Maintenance estimate is based on a half day attendance to clean the panels and check the systems functionality. However, our MD’s panels have been up 12 years and he has never cleaned them once. Solar panels are very low maintenance and are expected to last longer than 25 years. The solar panels have a 25-year performance warranty, and the install itself is warrantied for 10 years on workmanship. The systems can also be covered under household insurance against any unexpected circumstances such as storm damage.

*4 All performance estimates are carried out in accordance with MCS standard estimation procedure for a property in Irradiance Zone 12 with a due south facing roof at 39 degrees pitch with no shading.

*5 By implementing a battery storage system alongside the solar panels the excess energy can be used in alternative peak energy times (also known as load shifting), and once SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) is setup with the relevant energy supplier, the system will sell energy back into the grid at a rate of up to £0.15 per/kWh (

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