What is a DNO application?


Who are the DNO?

DNO stands for District Network Operator. The DNO is responsible for distributing electricity across regions.

The UK is divided into regions, each served by a specific DNO. For example, UK Power Networks is the main distributor across the East of England.


Why are DNO applications needed?

A DNO application is necessary when you plan to connect any new electrical installation to the grid. This could be a new building, a renewable energy source like solar panels, or even a significant upgrade to your existing electrical infrastructure. The application ensures that your installation is safe, and compliant, and doesn’t adversely affect the local electricity network.


Why do you need a DNO for a solar panel installation?

When installing solar panels, a DNO application is essential to ensure that your new solar system integrates seamlessly with the existing electrical grid.

  • Safety and Compliance: Ensures your solar installation meets safety standards and grid requirements.
  • Grid Stability: Helps maintain the reliability and efficiency of the local electricity network.
  • Optimising Solar Benefits: Assures that you can feed excess solar energy back into the grid effectively.


Do I have to do the application myself?

No, our DNO specialists in-house will fill out and manage your application for you. The process steps are simple:


Understand your Solar System Specifications:

Know the details of your solar installation, including the capacity and how it will connect to the grid.


Prepare the Necessary Documentation:

This may include technical details of the solar panels, inverter specifications, and a schematic of the installation.


Submit your DNO Application:

Apply through your DNO’s official channels, which might be online or through a paper application.


Await Assessment and Approval:

The DNO will assess your application, possibly with an onsite check for compliance. Upon approval, you’ll receive your application and the DNO’s export limit.

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