How Solar Batteries Maximise Your Solar Investment


Here at Greenscape Energy, we are committed to sustainability, both in what we do as a company, and in the way we support our customers in achieving their own green goals through our renewable energy solutions.

An important part of this commitment is making sure our customers can get the most out of their solar panel systems.

It’s natural to think of solar energy systems as being all about the panels soaking up the sun’s rays and converting it to electricity, allowing you to use that instead of grid power to reduce your energy bill. It’s also natural to assume that when the sun goes in, the solar power stops, and you have to switch back to the grid.

Whilst in theory there’s nothing wrong with this thinking, there are some important facts missing. Facts that show there’s more to gain from a solar investment than may first meet the eye…

Fact 1: Solar panels often pull in more energy than you need during the day

Fact 2: It’s possible to store any excess energy you don’t use

Fact 3: You can use this stored energy to power your appliances when the sun goes in, at night, or, in some cases, when there’s a grid outage

And the thing that makes all of this possible? Solar batteries.

What are solar batteries and how do they work?

When the sun is shining, solar panels generate electricity. This electricity can be used in two ways:

1. To directly to power your home. The power comes in as direct current (DC). However, this isn’t compatible with domestic appliances and systems which use alternating current (AC). So to make it compatible, the energy runs through an inverter, which converts it to AC.

2. Any extra electricity that isn’t needed immediately can be stored in solar batteries for later use.

So, when your solar panels aren’t generating energy, you can still benefit from the free power harvested from the sun. And if there’s a power outage, depending on your chosen battery, you could have a backup store of electricity to keep you going.

At a glance – what are the benefits of solar batteries?


Cost savings

One of the best perks of solar batteries is the cost savings. As we’ve explored, during the day, solar panels generate electricity from the sun. Any power not used immediately can be stored in your battery for later use.

This way, you rely less on the grid, keeping your energy use – and your bills – in check.


Load shifting

Load shifting allows you to change the times that you use grid energy. During the duller months, you may find you don’t generate enough free electricity to see you through the day.

So, what you can do is charge your solar batteries from the grid overnight during off-peak times, and then use that stored energy during the daytime higher-rate peak times.

By charging your batteries when rates are low, and using the stored power when rates are high, you can further cut your electricity costs. It’s another smart way to manage energy use, reduce bills and work towards energy independence and a more sustainable home.


Environmental impact

Solar batteries make it possible to use renewable energy around the clock. Instead of relying on fossil fuels to power your home when the sun isn’t shining, you can tap into the clean energy that’s stored in your battery.

This energy independence reduces your carbon footprint, giving a much-needed helping hand to the environment.


Reduced Grid reliance

Solar batteries reduce your independence on the National Grid. This means you won’t be as vulnerable to energy price hikes or changes in variable rates, especially during times of high demand when everyone uses the Grid at the same time.

With more control over your energy supply, you’ll enjoy more stability and again, a satisfying sense of energy independence.


Power outages

Power cuts can be frustrating and disruptive. Everyone relies on their electricity supply, but losing it when you run home medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines or medicine refrigerators, work from home, or rely on it to power your home security system is more serious.

Most solar batteries won’t work during power cuts. For safety reasons, many solar inverters automatically shut down during a power outage. So, unless the battery is specially designed to provide backup power and can isolate itself from the grid, it won’t supply power during an outage.

One example of a solar battery that does provide uninterrupted power is the Tesla Powerwall. Its Storm Watch feature allows the battery to continue providing power during outages, whilst keeping the system safe.


Maximising solar investment

Solar batteries help you get the most out of your solar investment. Instead of wasting surplus energy, you can store it for later use, maximising your solar investment, boosting cost savings and reducing energy waste.

What’s more, solar batteries are now VAT exempt for homeowners. Previously, this exemption only applied when batteries were installed alongside a solar panel system. However, this has now been extended to battery-only installations.

Are there different types of solar batteries?

There are various types and brands of solar batteries, each with unique features and benefits. Some of the popular options include:

01. Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall allows you to track the energy you generate, and manage your renewable energy system around the clock using the Tesla app. This reliable, weatherproof solar battery allows you to power your home through stored energy, even during a grid outage.

The Powerwall 2 is widely used, and the Powerwall 3 is set to be released soon, offering even more enhancements.

As Tesla Powerwall Premium Installers, Greenscape Energy guarantees a top quality installation, and the knowledge to recommend the most appropriate solar battery solution to suit individual needs and goals.

02. Fox ECS

Fox ECS batteries are another leading energy storage choice. Known for their efficiency, long life and performance, they offer flexible installation options and are designed to optimise energy storage, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment.

03. Pylon Tech

Pylon Tech batteries are valued for their durability and scalability. They are designed to provide long-lasting power storage and can be easily expanded to meet growing energy needs.

At Greenscape Energy, we regularly review our range of solar batteries to include the latest models and technologies, ensuring our customers have access to the best solutions available.

Summing up the value of solar batteries


Cost savings, reduced reliance on the National Grid, less energy waste, potential backup power during grid outages and the opportunity to maximise your solar investment and live more sustainably… all of this becomes possible with solar batteries.

Whether you’re exploring energy storage options whilst considering your solar investment, or you already have solar panels installed either by Greenscape Energy or by another provider and would like to add or increase your energy storage, we can help you take full advantage of the value offered by solar batteries.

If you’re interested in learning more about solar batteries, or would like to book a tailored consultation, we welcome you to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team.

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